Pickering-Walls Family


Site Hints

User Interface

  • The main menu at the top of each page allows you to search for a person by various attributes, browse an index arranged by surname, view a chart of all of the Picking and Walls descendants, or view a bibliography of sources consulted in preparing this website.
  • When viewing the details page for an individual, note the "Family Explorer" button which allows you to easily view that person's siblings, parents and grandparents, and navigate to their details pages.



  • Details (date of birth and so on) are suppressed for individuals who are thought to be still living. In those cases the word "Living" appears after their name and sex on their details page
  • A person with an unknown surname will have [---?---] as a placeholder.
  • Women are indexed under their maiden names.
  • Each person has a unique reference number, e.g., Frank Isaac Pickering is #8.



  • The site contains a variety of exhibits, including photographs and documents.
  • Photographs are shown in pages as a smaller "thumbnail" version. They can be displayed larger by clicking on the box in the upper right corner of the image.
  • Documents are in PDF format. Look for an icon that looks like . Clicking on the icon will download the document, which can be viewed in applications like Adobe Acrobat Reader.