Pickering-Walls Family

“Those near and dear to us by ties of love and consanguinity"—Isaac Pickering (1842-1917)

Welcome to the Pickering-Walls Genealogy

Welcome to the Pickering & Walls Family genealogy. Over 1,500 relatives are cited in this family tree. Members of our family were engaged in major events of the United States such as the Revolutionary War, Civil War, World War I, the Great Depression, World War II and Korean War. The families were hard-working, thrifty and religious. To survive difficult times, they raised chickens, pedaled produce, sold Pyrroil motor oil or Maytag washers etc. in addition to wage earning.

Watch for the .pdf files that contain many documents such as records in a family Bible, marriage certificates, signatures, stories as well as links to videos. Major Frank I. Pickering wrote “Covered Wagon Days” about travelling as a child in a covered wagon from Iowa to Colorado with a graphic of the route they took. Enjoy the photographs!

—Francine E. Walls (trillium24@hotmail.com)


(1952) Back Row: Justin Longenecker, Elizabeth Pickering Walls, Frances Pickering Longenecker, Virginia Pickering Wiren, Gordon Pickering. On couch left side: Forrest W. Walls, Forest W. Walls. On couch on right side: Robert Wiren. Seated: Kris Wiren, Frank I. Pickering, Bertha Pickering, Rose Pickering, Gordon Steven Pickering (babe in arms). Standing Left: Francine E. Walls. Standing Right: Burton H. Walls.
(1948) Back row: Paul T. Walls, Willard Joy, Wesley Joy, Wesley Walls, Kay Kay Joy; Middle: Vera M. Walls, Mable Grace Joy, E. Wilbur Walls, Elsie Jackson Walls, Elizabeth Walls holding Francine E. Walls, Janice Joy; Front: Roger Walls, Lynda Walls, Burton Walls, LaVera Joy, Forest W. Walls.